Several years ago I learned about these unique boats, built right here in Florida, and the local tours that were being done with them. Seeing this as an excellent opportunity for me to enjoy, and share the unique beauty and history of the area, I set out to create my own tour. After spending many hours on the river, and attending the Master Naturalist classes, I am now ready to share this with the public. I invite you to join me!

Funtastic Boat Tours LLC History

Funtastic Boat Tours LLC

Our staff is committed to providing the best service possible. If there is a special event, or time that we could arrange a tour for you, please contact us.

At this time we have three boats available for tour rental. This will accommodate up to six passengers. We can arrange to have you picked up at your resort, or hotel, and brought to the Centennial Park 

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Group Tours

Special Events/Tours

Each tour is unique in itself. As seasons change and bring about movement of wildlife, our tours will also change to capture the best opportunity for our guests. Our team is here to provide you with a fun and informative adventure.